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Time to Make You Feel Old

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Time to Make You Feel Old

The T.V. show Inspector Gadget is 33 years old today!


It debuted on this day back in 1983.  There was only 2 seasons but it went into syndication in the 90’s and that’s where most people watched it.  As a kid I really thought that Dr. Claw was going to get Gadget and was worried every episode.   I also wished I had a dog like Brain.  I don’t like the show much as an adult because I just rip it apart.  If Inspector Gadget is a cyborg why wasn’t he programmed to be smarter.  Having roller skates come out of your shoes is cool but if you can’t solve a crime without a kid and her dog’s helping every time then maybe this isn’t a great invention.  I know, I know, it’s just a kid’s show.   So because it’s the anniversary let’s take 20 minutes out of our day and enjoy an episode.-Trent

Inspector Gadget

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