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Local 2494 Firefighters association receives over $70,000

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Local 2494 Firefighters association receives over $70,000

The Local 2494 Fort McMurray Fire Fighters Association receives a cheque for $71,154 // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

The Local 2494 Fort McMurray Fire Fighters Association is receiving $71,154 from all SilverBirch Hotels.

This year the hotels decided to band together to help support one cause, to help the Fort Mac’s “Superheroes”.

“We were out there doing our job, this is what we’re here to do, we’re here to support the community and it’s tremendous to see the community support us now that the incident is done,” said Nick Waddington, President of the Local 2429.

Each hotel holds an annual “Friends in need Campaign” every December where they choose a local organization or charity they would like to donate to. Over that month every room that is used has five dollars put aside for the donations.

Instead, they decided to come together and pile the donation money for the Firefighters who fought the wildfire.

“When our teams heard about the events and how hard the firefighters, first responders fought for the community and for our hotel, they came together and said can we run it in the summer just for the firefighter relief fund,” said Brigitte Diem-Guy, VP of Sales & Marketing.

This money will go towards helping all Firefighters, by giving them a chance to compensate for some short term financial loses.

“The outreach from the community has been overwhelming, is tremendous, the SilverBirch Hotel, Quality Hotel really shows some of the great qualities of Fort McMurray, the sense of community,” said Waddington. “If anything, this event has made the community much stronger,”

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