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12 pieces of advice for my grade 12 self

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12 pieces of advice for my grade 12 self

School is in and it has us reminiscing on our first days of school. It reminded me of the time my mom brought me to the wrong school on the first day (yeah, that happened… I have 2 pictures in front of school doors from that year).

If only we knew what we know now, back then… but then again, it’s been quite the journey finding it all out on our own, hasn’t it?

Here are 12 pieces of advice for my grade 12 self. I challenge you to try this out too.

  1. You’re gonna fail. That’s okay because these failures will turn into your most confident advice and your ever growing wisdom.
  2. Buy a crappy car. There’s a good chance you’re not gonna drive your first car with the most care and precision and fixing its issues will teach you a lot for when you get a good one.
  3. Break a heart (or three), breaking hearts means you’re finding your one, and boy oh boy is it a process.
  4. Be consciously thankful for good friends and family.
  5. Read. Trust me.
  6. Know that you can do anything, and I mean ANYTHING you set your mind to, but also know that it’s going to take steps to get there. Be committed.
  7. It’s never too late to start over on a new dream.
  8. Stand up for yourself, no one else is going to do it for you.
  9. Say it with me, “Not everyone has to like me, and that’s O.K.”.
  10. Be on time; for goodness sake be on time.
  11. Find the good.
  12. Show life that you know there’s only one.


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