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Stay Woke Wednesday – 3 Months in Jail…

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Stay Woke Wednesday - 3 Months in Jail...

First of all, let’s not pretend that any of us had heard of Brock Turner because of his super sweet swimming and stuff. We heard about him, and we know what his face looks like, because he is a rapist. He violently sexually assaulted a young unconscious girl behind a dumpster and two other men had to intervene, and chase the weasel down to make sure the cops came and justice was served. One of them even broke down crying just describing to the investigators what Brock Turner was doing. So I would really like to stop seeing headlines about him that use his swimming career as his identifier. The world knows him as a rapist, and rightfully so.

And he is a convicted sex offender now. That part is just. But he was only sentenced to 6 months in jail as a result of the horrific things he did. That is unjust. The judge said that he was a good swimmer, and that he didn’t deserve to have his life ruined by a youthful mistake. His father said that his life shouldn’t be ruined for a few minutes of “action”. Was probably the victim’s fault for being unconscious, right? That’s like an invitation in glowing pink neon. But then the true injustice happened – an injustice to the poor girl, to the two men who fought to save her, and to all victims of sexual assault and abuse – he only served 3 months of a 6 month sentence for ‘good behavior’. And it’s not about what kind of sentence he might have received if he had been black or maybe hispanic. It’s about how he did not receive a punishment that would offer some justice to the victim and her family regardless of his skin colour and family ‘standing’. Apparently what they teach at Stanford is toxic privilege.

So let me put it like this. A rapist rapes a girl, and spends less time in jail than some of the food in your fridge has been there. Stay woke.


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