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$500,000 worth of sports equipment arrives in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
$500,000 worth of sports equipment arrives in Fort McMurray

Sports equipment worth $500,000 arrived in Fort McMurray.

Among the supplies were equipment for hockey, baseball, football and even a couple golf sets to boot.

This donation coming from Sports Central and United Way who started the Campaign “Sports for the North” to make sure these kids still got to play the sports they love after the events of the past spring.

“It’s like Christmas everyday and we outfit them with equipment and it’s good stuff we put on this kids,” said Sheldon Oleksyn, Executive Director of Sports Central. “As a rule of thumb, we don’t save or keep anything we wouldn’t put on our own kids.”

Sports Central is a registered charity whose purpose is solely on donating equipment to kids in Edmonton and the Northern Communities of Alberta.

Oleksyn added the effect that these types donations have surpass just the kids, as parents, the whole family can unite over one positive goal.

“I always find that once families have roofs over their head and groceries available, the third question they ask is what are we going to do to keep these kids busy so they don’t drive us crazy.”

Now members of the minor Hockey, Baseball and Football were on hand for the delivery. This includes Rosemary Todd who is part of the administration board for the Knights Nation football team.

She sees this donation as a prime example of communities coming together to support one common cause.

“It’s nice to know that once again someone has supported us because I know Fort McMurray in the past has supported many other organizations and places that needed help so to see it come back to us is awesome.”

Todd adds she hopes to see kids coming from the four high school football teams that will make up the Fort McMurray Football League over the next couple of days.

The seniors will be on hand to hand out the equipment to the Merc Trappers, Westwood Trojans, Comp Miners and Knights Nation.

As for the Hockey and Baseball equipment, there is no timetable for when it would be able to be distributed as they want to make sure just exactly what supplies they have.

Families in need of equipment for hockey and baseball can contact the following organizations:

Fort McMurray Minor Hockey –

Fort McMurray Minor Baseball –

Even though this donation arrived in Fort McMurray, the plan is to help throughout the RMWB.

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