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A review of the 1995 amalgamation agreement is key to keep moving forward

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
A review of the 1995 amalgamation agreement is key to keep moving forward

Many rural area supporters and residenst packed the council chambers// Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

A possible review of the 1995 Amalgamation Agreement will be discussed at tonight’s Special Council Meeting.

The joint Rural and Sustainable Development Committee sent a recommendation to council to discuss the matter.

“I would love for Council as well to follow suit with the recommendation and basically enter into an agreement with the Rural Coalition to move forward with the third party review,” said Ron Quintal, President of the Fort McKay Métis. “I think that is a minimum of what we’re looking for.”

If council votes on the review then a third party would be able to sit down and find out if the needs of both the urban and rural areas are being meet as part of the agreement.

But this would just be another step moving forward. Quintel added that the first step was made when the Conklin Multiplex was moved back to the resume list, but highlights the need to keep moving forward is working as a partnership.

“What I think needs to take place is, there needs to be a very inclusive process, open lines of communications, the big thing for us is we want to make sure we’re working closely with the RMWB,” said Quintal. “That is what it’s about; we want to have a close relationship and continue to create a positive relationship with the Regional Municipality so that all rural communities can maintain their stance.”

Normally council doesn’t meet on the fifth Tuesday of a month, but is making an exception for tomorrow night.

The meeting will get started at their usual time of six.