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Fully grown black bear found injured in parking garage

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Fully grown black bear found injured in parking garage

A fully grown black bear was tranquilized and removed from a parking garage // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

A common occurrence for many residents in Fort McMurray is the sight of a black bear.

Usually this occurs on the trails but a few got their chance to meet one face to face well into the residential area.

A fully grown black bear was found injured in a parking garage, at the Towers, just outside of MacDonald Island.

“This is a bit uncommon, but if you look at MacDonald Island they have a fantastic habitat, so they end up finding their ways into these obviously non ideal locations,” said Tyler Murphy, District Fish and Wildlife Officer. “In backyards and the green spaces in town it’s not uncommon to encounter them but places like parking garages, parking lots, places far into the residential areas is less common.”

A police presence was also on scene to make sure everyone’s safety as they weren’t sure how the bear would act.

The bear was tranquilized and removed from the area. The original thinking was that a car may have hit the bear, as he seemed to have an injury, with thoughts of possibly euthanizing it.

The injury was deemed a previous wound and the bear will now be located to a new space outside of the downtown area.

“Minimum a 100 km from capture location so that’s kind of a base, sometimes we go further, around Fort McMurray it’s obviously tough because we have a lot of activity north and south with camps and sites,”said Murphy.

If you do encounter a bear in any residential area you can call the Fish and Wildlife during business hours at 780-743-7200 or you can call the 24/7 Report a Poacher hotline at 1-800-642-3800.