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Update: Canada Post workers issue 72 hour strike notice

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Update: Canada Post workers issue 72 hour strike notice

Canada Post employees are issuing their 72 hour strike notice.

Midnight tonight was the deadline for the Union and the employees to give their notice of the possible strike.

Both the Union and Canada Post have been in contract talks since December of 2015, with Postal workers negotiating for changes to their pension plans and fair pay for rural employees.

Back in early July, Canada Post had given a lockout notice, but later dismissed the notice to allow more chances to focus on the negotiations for the time being.

Both parties have been negotiating since with no signs of a new contract, with the union stating that Canada Post continues to make unacceptable demands.

Fort McMurrayites have already been experiencing long delays in receiving their mail after the wildfire and evacuation. Canada Post gave residents a deadline of July 29th to pick up their backlog of mail before it was sent back to the senders.

Over 50,000 workers nationwide are set to hit the picket line as of Monday.

All have been without contracts since December of last year and January of 2016.

If a deal isn’t agreed upon over the weekend, this would be the fifth such nationwide strike in the last three decades, the last being in 2011, where an agreement wasn’t reached for three weeks.

The three other occasions occurred in 1987, 1991 and 1997.