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$115,000 donated to 5 local organizations

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
$115,000 donated to 5 local organizations

The Royal Canadian legion Branch - 165 donate $25,000 to the Food Bank as part of a $115,000 donation to multiple organizations // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch – 165, stationed here in Fort McMurray, has gone all around the community donating $115,000.

Legions from across the nation have been donating to make sure the Fort McMurray Branch would continue to exist. Along with help to fix their building the money raised was also planned to help out the community and individuals, veterans and non-veterans.

As of the end of July they have received around $1,000,000 in relief funds which prompted the multiple donations.

First stop for the Legion was at the Hawkins Fire Hall #1. Here they donated $25,000 with the funds going towards the Fort McMurray Fire relief funds which will be used to help support their members who lost their homes and were affected in other ways by the wildfire and evacuation.

“I just let them know; not only are we thankful for the money that’s been donated to our members but for the funds being donated to the community,” said Hunter Langpap, Acting Fire Marshall. “This is another example of a community organization that cares about their firefighters.

Another $25,000 was donated to help fire fighters who fought the wildfire // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

Another $25,000 was donated to help fire fighters who fought the wildfire // Jaryn Vecchio – Harvard Broadcasting

The legion isn’t just focusing their time on firefighters as they are trying to find the best ways to help out the RCMP, Municipal Workers, Bylaw officers and every who stayed to help fight the fire.


Soon after they were back on the road to visit the local Food Bank. They also donated another $25,000 to the bank with the funds going towards buying more perishable goods. So far they have been spending $9,000 a week.

“We’ve had a couple different donations from the legion since re-opening, they had cleaning supplies and food, but when they told us that they were bringing us a financial contribution as well, it was great and just one more example of how we as a community stick together and take care of ourselves,” said Arianna Johnson Executive Director of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.

These are just two of the places the Legion has planned on donating too. Included is the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre. They also be receiving a $25,000 cheque with the money going directly towards the palliative care services.

The care services also received a big donation of $106,500 from the Jeremy Snook Raffle late in July.

Another $25,000 is being donated to the Salvation Army where the funds will go towards reconditioning their trucks that had assisted all the Firefighters during the fire as well as helping everyone who stayed behind to help the soup kitchen.

The last $15,000 dollars will be donated to the Centre of Hope with the organization asking only for that amount.

“Especially at this time when people are trying to recover, to put smiles on people’s faces not only does it make us feel good but just knowing that it will have a ripple effect,” said Pat Duggan, Branch President.

The Legion is currently planning on making more donations across the community. At this time they are encouraging any non-profits who need any support or funds to contact the legion and they will try their best to help out.

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