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Stop work orders issued in Stone Creek debris cleanup

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Stop work orders issued in Stone Creek debris cleanup

Homes sit virtually untouched on edge of Stone Creek debris field // Chris Vandenbreekel - Harvard Broadcasting

Work has temporarily halted in Stone Creek when it comes to the cleanup of destroyed properties.

The order was issued early Wednesday afternoon after RMWB Safety Code officers determined that contractors weren’t following the terms of their demolition permits.

To maintain safety, the municipality is requiring that debris is wetted by a water truck to ensure toxic particles don’t escape into the air during cleanup. The contractors didn’t have the right equipment in place, so the stop work order was issued.

“As soon as the contractors on-site can show the officers that they have the right equipment in place to meet that requirement,” said RMWB Press Secretary Robin Smith in an email to Mix News. “They can start work again.”

Smith added this hasn’t been the first stop work order issued since cleanup began, as the municipality is striving to maintain community safety throughout the process.

“This is a proof point for the diligence in creating and fine-tuning the permitting process,” he said. “It gave our officers the ability to monitor this work and act quickly when something unsafe [was] occurring.”

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