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Photo Radar for Week of August 1

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Photo Radar for Week of August 1

Bylaw Services is out again this week with photo radar.

They’ll have it set up at Heritage Drive, Paquette Drive, Prospect Drive, Sparrow Hawk Drive, and Highway 63 and King Street.

As well, there are red light cameras set up at high risk intersections around town.

In case you were wondering, Bylaw Services explains when a vehicle driving over the speed limit passes a photo radar vehicle, their license plate is photographed and their speed is recorded.

The registered owner of the vehicle is charged under section 160 of the Traffic Safety Act and they will be sent a notice of violation in the mail.

The good news is that the violation will not result in demerit points on the owner’s license.

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