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Wood Buffalo Metis locals launch collaboration

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Wood Buffalo Metis locals launch collaboration

A collaborative initiative by northeastern Alberta Metis will be a test case for all Alberta Metis.

That’s the message from an announcement yesterday by leadership of the McKay Metis Community Association, Metis Local #125 Fort Chipewyan, Conklin Metis Community Association, and McMurray Metis.

Collectively known as Wood Buffalo Metis, the group agreed to work together to press the federal government on addressing the legacy of Metis scrip in northeastern Alberta.

Scrip involved the federal government offering land or money in voucher form to extinguish any outstanding Metis claims.

According to a report last week, the scrip policy was complex and replete with fraud, abuses, and delays.

Metis Nation of Alberta PResident Audrey Poitras says “We cannot allow another generation to go by without acknowledging and addressing the effects of the scrip system on the Metis of western Canada.

Poitras adds,”Until the injustices perpetuated on the Metis by Canada’s notorious scrip system are addressed, there won’t be meaningful reconciliation between the Crown and Metis.”

While similar to the Manitoba Metis Federation’s claim in relation to the land grant provisions in the Manitoba Act, 1870, the MNA and Wood Buffalo Metis says they are not looking for the return of specific lands from third party interests.

Their goal is to secure a negotiations process with the government to achieve a modern day land claims agreement.




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