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Photo radar for week of July 18th-23rd

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Photo radar for week of July 18th-23rd

Bylaw services have a few reminders for residents this week to avoid any traffic tickets.

First, they will have a photo radar out at:

  • Ross Haven Drive
  • Confederation Way
  • Brett Drive
  • Real Martin Drive
  • Cartier Road

They will also have the usual red light cameras at high risk intersections such as:

  • Thickwood Boulevard and Silin Forest Road
  • Thickwood Boulevard and Cornwall Drive
  • Thickwood Boulevard and Woodland Drive
  • Thickwood Boulevard and Real Martin Drive
  • Franklin Avenue and Tamarack Village Mall
  • Franklin Avenue and Hospital Street
  • Confederation Way and Paquette Drive

The last reminder is to drive cautiously as pedestrian traffic increases during the summer months. So be extra careful around playgrounds, as many will be walking and biking around those areas.

Bylaw services are also reminding anyone who is riding their bikes to wear their helmet if they 18 or younger. Anyone who is cycling on municipal property such as parks or trails, must wear a helmet no matter your age.

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