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Family says goodbye to home by leaving key with a message

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Family says goodbye to home by leaving key with a message

We are just over one month after re-entry and many are still trying to pick their lives back up from where they were before the fire.

Many lost their homes, trailers, apartments and businesses, leaving the city to wonder how many residents will return when it’s all said and done.

Many are finding their own way of coping and letting go. Jenny Michael and John Bino lost their home and are currently living in Edmonton. Before heading down they took one more trip to there neighborhood where they left something behind.

“I just thought it can be my way of letting go, this key belongs to my past,”said Michael, after leaving their house key tied up on a fence.

Along with the key a written note was attached. Written was the message “we will miss you” which Jenny says was aimed towards their old home as well as the neighbors she is leaving behind.

“For the last time, let me look at it in person and just say goodbye, that key belongs to that place.”

One of those who saw the key was Peter Fortna. Neighbors for almost two years, he was touched by the small gesture of goodbye.

“Before we rebuild I think it is important to take a moment and memorialize the past and really come to terms with it”, he said. “It’s really touched me and I believe it has touched a number of other people how my neighbors did that.”

Losing his home as well, Fortna is part of many who have been grieving after there loss. Just trying to find a way through the ┬ásummer. Just this little message he happened to stumble upon when seeing his old property helped him realize that he isn’t the only one going through a tough time.

“When you confronted by your neighbors and friends dealing with similar struggles it really shines light on what we’re all dealing with and that we’re all dealing with this together and trying to work through it.”

Since adding the picture to social media he has seen an outburst of people sending picture of their own stories. He plans on making a scrapbook showing all the ways people are memorializing their lives before the fire.
“Everyone is trying to memorialize this is their own way and I’m finding it really touching to see”

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