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Town Hall Summary July 4th

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Town Hall Summary July 4th
Q – Are there guidelines for the safe removal of debris?
A – Yes, there is demolition and cleanup information packages online at the RMWB website, the guidelines will be followed in all areas of town. There is also information on obtaining demolition permits which will start to be issued tomorrow. They are hoping for a 48 hour permit turn over time.

Q – When will the cleanup start in Abasand? When will it be finished?
A – They are finalizing plans and will have all the information of debris removal and clean up options and costs within the next few days to start the process soon. They have committed to have all the clean up and debris removal done by September 30th.

Q – Will there be certificates issued stating my house has been cleaned of all smoke damage for resale purposes?
A – There are no government issued certificates, but your insurance company may have something like this for you, talk to your provider.

Q – Can we put mattresses in our bag from the Bagster program?
A – There is a list on the bag of what can be put into the bag for removal, please follow it, no mattresses are allowed.

Q – Has there been a decision made on if we will be able to rebuild in the restricted areas?
A – You will be able to rebuild in Abasand, Beacon Hill and Water Ways as long as it follows the legislation put in place for the building on a flood plain by the Alberta Government.

Q – During the clean up process, will there be more testing done to assure there is no spread of contaminants?
A – Yes more testing will be done.

Q – Will the landfill continue to wave dumping fees?
A – Dumping fees for household waste are being waved until July 31st, there is also a separate lane for household waste.

Q – I filled out the RMWB’s resource offer sheet, but haven’t gotten an answer back.
A – The RMWB is committed on hiring local contractors for all contracts moving forward, please fill out the form and they will be looked at and those who have resources that can be used will be contacted and informed of contracts coming available.

Q – My basement flooded due to thew sump pump not working with the power out, my insurance says they will not cover the cost of damages as it was not related to the fire.
A – Make sure your insurance company knows the power was out due to the fire so it should be covered under your policy, make sure you know what the limits are of your coverage, if you would like help or have insurance related questions, please call IBC at 1-844-227-5522.

Q – Will i get an assessment of the contaminants of my home still standing in the restricted areas?
A – When it is ok to reoccupy the restricted areas Alberta Health Services will make testing available to find out if there are contaminants in your home.

Q – I keep having problems with my adjuster and insurance company, what can I do?
A – There are many options for conflict resolutions, contact IBC at 1-844-227-5522 or visit for info

Q – What will be done to insure there will not be any spread on contaminants during clean up?
A – There are guidelines and steps put in place to make sure no particulate is spread during the debris removal, one of them was the tackifire sprayed on everything, and another is to dampen all debris as it is removed to keep particles together.

Q – Will property taxes be reduced because I no longer have a house on my lot?
A – Property tax is being discussed at tomorrow nights (July 5th) council meeting, more info given then.

Q – Can you confirm the homes still standing in the restricted areas will not be bulldozed.
A – Yes, all homes still intact and safe will be left alone. You will be able to return and live in your home in those areas once it has been deemed safe to do so.

Q – Can I hire a company to run environmental test of my property and will it be covered by insurance?
A – This is not usually covered by insurance, but if you want it done keep pushing your adjuster to have it done.

Q – The Landfill has been making me pay to dump wood and debris damaged by fire.
A- This is debris from demolition and is not normal household waste, so yes you have to pay to dump it.

Q – When will debris removal start?
A – They are handing out debris removal contracts for the coordinated debris removal plans over the next few days and will supply timelines and costs to home owners soon. You have three options for the clean up of your property:
1 – coordinated debris removal
2 – do it yourself
3 – hire your own contractor
Q – Will there be help for those who have lost their homes who do not have insurance?
A – They are looking into different ways to help those without insurance for cleanup and rebuild. Also please contact the Red Cross as they are giving out aid on a case by case basis/

Q – Once the restricted areas are deemed livable, is it ok for tenants to live in condo or rental unit if insurance has not gone through?
A – Insurance companies cannot demand you make people not return to their home, however, it is up to the landlord to insure all units meet the minimum code for a safe living place.

Q – When will the results of the soil air and water testing be available?
A – Phase 1 test results are available at phase two tests have been completed and results will be posted as soon as possible.

Q – I haven’t gotten my reentry assistance yet.
A – Please contact the Red Cross at 1-877-650-6070 or go to their office in the Hardin Street building and talk to a representative.

Q – With some streets in the restricted zones untouched by the fire, will they be fast tracked for people to be able to return there?
A – The safety of all residents is paramount, as is a speedy return home for everyone. Until it is deemed safe by AHS no one will be able to return to the restricted areas to live.

Q – With all this rain, is the toxic ash washing into the water system causing troubles?
A – There is no toxic ash, any ash washing into the water system or soil does not affect it and is safe.



This is a summary of what was said during the town hall to the best of my abilities. It may not be word for word accurate. Thank you

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