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Things You Need to Know Today – June 16th

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7


Today is quite the interesting mix, food – and amusement park rides…does it get any better?

Famous Birthdays:

  • Tupac Shakur –1971 – 1996
  • John Cho – 44


Fresh Veggies Day:

Five portions a day? Seven? Ten? Nutritionists agree that when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables, most of us just aren’t getting enough. Make a change on Fresh Veggies Day, and invite family and neighbours around for a fun and surprising meat-free feast. (source:


Fudge Day:

On the same day as “Fresh Veggies Day”???!! How cruel…
The origins of Fudge Day are unknown, but it cannot be denied that celebrating this delicious, sweet treat is a great way to spend the day. Fudge is soft, smooth confectionary made by heating and mixing milk, butter and sugar. A variety of other ingredients can then be added to create assorted flavours of fudge. Some of the most popular flavours include chocolate and peanut butter.


Today in History: 1884 – First Rollercoaster in America opens

On this day in 1884, the first roller coaster in America opens at Coney Island, in Brooklyn, New York. Known as a switchback railway, it was the brainchild of LaMarcus Thompson, traveled approximately six miles per hour and cost a nickel to ride. The new entertainment was an instant success and by the turn of the century there were hundreds of roller coasters around the country. (Source:


Remember, we’re only one day away from the weekend!!
Go fourth, slay this day.



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