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Access to Beacon Hill, Abasand, and Waterways to begin June 10

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Access to Beacon Hill, Abasand, and Waterways to begin June 10

A white tacifier coating covers a destroyed area of Waterways on June 1, 2016 // Chris Vandenbreekel - Harvard Broadcasting

Residents shut out of Beacon Hill, Abasand, and Waterways will soon get a chance to access their neighbourhoods.

The RMWB posted a brief video update from Emergency Management Director Bob Couture Thursday afternoon. He said that residents will be able to access their homes in a “safe fashion” effective June 10. The access is expected to be limited to viewing damage and retrieving belongings.

The details of the plan will be released soon, he added.

The return for the three most damaged areas of town was indefinitely delayed earlier this week when environmental tests revealed the presence of heavy metals, dioxins, and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons in the debris. Premier Rachel Notley suggested that it could be as late as September before those whose homes are still standing would be able to habitate the area.

Alberta Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Scott Long said Thursday that crews were still working to apply a tacifier posi-shell coating that would keep the toxins out of the air. He said the process had been completed in Stone Creek, Wood Buffalo, and Waterways, while 35% of Abasand had been covered. Long assured the public that all air quality tests to-date have not shown any concerning signs of particulate matter.

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