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ATCO VP: “It may take several days” for customers to get gas turned on

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
ATCO VP: "It may take several days" for customers to get gas turned on

Photo Courtesy ATCO Gas

Even if you adhere to the re-entry schedule and can enter your home, you may have to rough it for a few days.

ATCO Gas Vice President of Edmonton Region Nathan Carter told our newsroom Monday that his crews are already dealing with a high volume of calls for restoration. At this point, there are only a few thousand essential workers in town.

Wednesday’s initial re-entry for the lower town site has the potential to welcome up to 14,000 residents back to the region. RMWB officials are warning those who attempt to re-enter before their neighbourhood’s slated day will not be able to get gas services.

But Carter says no matter what, people may have to wait.

“Even if everyone adheres to what the province’s schedule for re-entry is,” Carter said. “It may take several days for folks to get an ATCO representative to their homes.”

While gas service has been restored to over 90% of homes, a representative has to come and turn it on and re-light natural gas-based appliances in the home. Residents can fill out the company’s online request for service form here.

Returnees will also receive a large orange placard in their welcome packages, which can be placed outside the home once a service request has been submitted. This makes it easier for ATCO workers to find the home that has requested them to attend.


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