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ATCO provides estimates of power outage length for each neighbourhood

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ATCO provides estimates of power outage length for each neighbourhood

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ATCO is trying to give residents a better sense of what to expect when they return to their homes in the coming weeks. The company has published estimates of how long each neighbourhood has lost power and whether or not that service has been restored.

Officials said Tuesday that service had been restored to more than 90% of the region.

ATCO says the hardest hit neighbourhoods were Waterways, Beacon Hill, Abasand, and Saprae Creek. Power disruptions began on May 4, and many homes that are still standing are still without electricity. Those homes may have experienced outages of 18 days or longer.

Morgan Heights and Millennium Drive in Timberlea have been without power since May 4, while Stone Creek and Wood Buffalo have been experiencing “significant” disruptions from May 4 to present. ATCO says some residences may have been unaffected, but they suspect some areas may have lost power for more than 18 days in those neighbourhoods.

The company says the rest of Timberlea, Thickwood, and Parsons Creek experienced intermittent issues, but any outages are believed to have only lasted a few hours at a time.

Gregoire and Prairie Creek lost power on May 4 but restoration began on May 7 and continued until May 13.

To the south, Anzac lost service on May 7 with power restored on May 14, but ATCO says they cannot determine when each individual customer had service restored. Gregoire Lake Estates and Gregoire IR lost electricity on on May 5 and service was restored by May 15.

In the lower townsite, the area bordered northeast of Highway 63, southeast of Richard Street, southwest of Fraser Ave, and northwest of Hardin Street losing power on May 3 along with the area southeast of Hospital Street. The area had power restored by May 10.

ATCO is asking that residents unplug unnecessary appliances to reduce the load on the grid, so that they can restore service to the entire region faster. They’re also advising that residents without electricity check their fuses and breakers before calling for service.

The RMWB is already advising that residents dispose of all perishable items, including those that were contained in freezers, due to the reality of the power outages.

Residents are also advised to get rid of:


Food disposal

You can read more about re-entry here.


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