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Council to hear plans for policing, Fire Smart, and business recovery

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Council to hear plans for policing, Fire Smart, and business recovery

Council is meeting this afternoon at Edmonton City Hall.

They’ll hear a policing report from RCMP Wood Buffalo Superintendent Rob McCloy about the role of RCMP during the evacuation of the city and that RCMP presumed full day-to-day policing operations on Monday May 23rd, with 24 hour general duty policing.

Next on the agenda is a report on the Fire Smart Program from the Director of Emergency Management Bob Couture on planning and implementation.

The program identifies hazards and risks, develops prescriptions to mitigate, and implement activities to reduce risk.

Implementation has already begun in parts of the community.

Acting Director of Economic Development Keith Smith will be presenting a business and economic recovery plan in response to the wildfires with the goal to accelerate business and economic recovery in the Wood Buffalo region.

The plan includes a partnership with Economic Developers of Alberta, a non profit organization leading the economic development network for the Province of Alberta.

So far, the plan consists of three phases, the first of which will identify immediate and short-term needs of the business community.

Council will also meet in camera to hear the status of plans for re-entry, review municipal programs and services, and tax penalty options.

The public portion of the meeting will be at Edmonton City Hall’s River Valley Room at three, and will also be streamed on the RMWB’s website.



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