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No info for business re-entry: Chamber of Commerce President

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
No info for business re-entry: Chamber of Commerce President

Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce President of Board Bryce Kumka

The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce is concerned about issues facing their members planning on re-entering the community.

In a letter to Municpal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee, Chair Bryce Kumka says there has been a lack of information about business re-entry in plans for residents to return.

Kumka says access to necessities such as grocery stores, hardware stores, fuel stations and other services will be vital. In order for these services to be in place, business must have access to their facilities.

Another concern Kumka expresses in the letter is the need for essential services and requirements like potable water and accommodations to be in place for businesses and employees to operate in a safe working environment.

The third concern is the need for bridge financing and provincial supports for business since many businesses may have lost the ability to provide compensation to employees.

Kumka says some chamber members have lost their business and most have seen a significant drop if not suspension of their revenue stream.

He believes that support from the minister will ensure the rebuild and prosperity of businesses and the region.

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