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May 10th Fort McMurray fire telephone town hall summary

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Fire to-date:

  • 229,000 hectors.
  • No new fires in province today.
  • 15km from SK boarder.
  • Next 2-3 days temps looking to be cool, crews hope to make progress and are holding the line.
  • 3 hotels re-opened with limited facilities to host emergency responders.
  • A camera is being flown over the city taking high resolution photos so residents can see homes.


Status of areas:

  • Thickwood, Dickinsfield & Timberlea – survivability percentage is high, but too early to give accurate information.
  • All neighborhoods are without critical serves. Water system will need to be flushed; sewage has to be double checked. All traffic lights are out. Power lines are damaged and need to be repaired. This all needs to be fixed before repair crews can come in ahead of the public.
  • You won’t necessarily be able to move right back into homes, as there may be smoke damage etc many buildings will need to be ventilated.
  • There was one confirmed looter. The RCMP are maintaining a large presence throughout the city. There have been no other reports.


Evacuations centres:

  • 14 evacuation centres currently open: Edmonton, Lac La Biche, St. Paul, Grasslands, Drayton Valley, Smokey Lake, Calgary – (SAIT, University of Calgary, Ambrose University, Mount Royal), Fort Chipewyan, Athabasca, Beaver Lake, Bonneville.


Debit cards:

  • Will be announced tomorrow morning, and via the e-mail address you provided to the Red Cross. Distribution centre will not be at Northlands. There will be long line ups, if you do not need immediate financial assistance please wait a few days before coming to collect your debit card, the assistance will be there for you when you come to pick it up a few days later.
  • If you are outside of the province, you are still eligible to claim the debit card. Instructions will be e-mailed out to you.
  • The debt card can be used for whatever you like.


How & when can I make an insurance claim?

  • Reach out to your insurer as early as possible.
  • Insurance Broker of Canada is helping to match you with your insurance company if you can’t remember who it is – 1 844 227 5422.

What funds are covered?

  • Most home & tenant policies cover additional living expenses, on average it’s 2 weeks. You can claim that amount whether or not there is damage to your home.
  • for more information.



  • The SPCA in Edmonton has received 250 cats & dogs, 35 other animals.
  • If looking for a pet, register with RMWB on their website.
  • If pet is still in Fort McMurray, authorities’ will either retrieve pet, or if large pet e.g. horse, food & water will be left for them.
  • Teams that are trained with animals go in with a locksmith to recover pets.


Financial Assistance:

  • Alberta Supports
  • Alberta Works
  • Emergency benefits can be issued right away if needed



  • Province wants to work with local businesses to rebuild.
  • Many insurance companies have preferred venders; however you have a right to be part of that discussion, you to have a right to a choice.


People with hospital appointments:

  • If urgent try and get an appointment with a local doctor where you are staying now. If it can wait to be rescheduled at a later date once you’re back in McMurray, then wait.


Red Cross:

  • If you’re having issues receiving a Red Cross confirmation:
  • Go to and re-register or call 1 888 350 6070.
  • $60 million raised so far for the fire. Announcement will be made tomorrow with Premier Notley as to how funds will be handed out.


Getting vehicles back that were left at work camps:

  • (Question regarding someone that was flying back to site and asking if they could drive their vehicle back south after their shift rotation). You can pick-up your vehicle if left at camp, but you will need to drive south straight through the city. You will not be allowed to stop within city limits. Access to the city is still restricted to emergency crews and those with special permits. MIX advises that you contact the RMWB for more information on this.


Property damage:

  • You will be responsible for clearing up your own property working with your insurance company. If there is damage to your home your insurance should also be able to provide additional coverage/support while your home is undergoing clean up.

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