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Fort McMurray Fire UPDATE 1:30 p.m.; students won’t have to write diploma exams

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Councillor Sheldon Germain is posting pictures on social media as he surveys Fort McMurray along with other officials and media. From Vista Ridge he posted a picture on Twitter and the ski hill lodge appears untouched by the fires.

Councillor Tyran Ault is saying there is significant damage to Waterways but the legion is still there along with the tank and the Canadian flag.

Ault says in Abasand the car wash is gone but the cemetary is unaffected. He adds Gregoire residential and Mackenzie Industrial Park are intact.

Ault says the water treatment plant is operational after having been saved by firefighters.

He says lots of trees have been bulldozed going up Confederation Way, but that helped prevent more damage as fuel was eliminated.

Through Twitter, Ault says Fireweed Crescent looks great despite earlier reports.

CBC News is reporting that Grade 12 students forced to leave Fort McMurray will not have to write their diploma exams. Minister of Education David Eggen says the students’classroom mark will be used as the final grade. Eggen says students who wish to write the exam anyway, may do so in the districts they are now attending.


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