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90% of Waterways lost in new damage numbers

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
90% of Waterways lost in new damage numbers

Fire rages in Beacon Hill as vehicles flee on May 3, 2016 // Photo courtesy Holly Ayeasrt

New damage numbers show a slightly less bleak situation in Beacon Hill, but devastating numbers elsewhere.

The RMWB revised down the level of damage in Beacon Hill to 70% of homes, with word that Frank J. Lacroix Arena and the adjacent strip mall were saved for the time being.

However officials say that 90% of Waterways has been lost, along with 50% of Abasand including the homes “kitty-corner” with the hospital. Over 30 homes in Wood Buffalo have also been lost, while 13 trailers are gone in Timberlea. Four houses are gone in Grayling Terrace with six more damaged, while two houses were lost in Dickinsfield, and one each in downtown and Thickwood.

Damage is still being assessed in Draper.

So far, homes are not yet touched in Gregoire, Prairie Creek, and Saline Creek. However scenes from near Fire Hall No. 5 on Airport Road showed the fire edging closer, with fire crews hosing down the building. There has been talk of relocating the operations centre.

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