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Things You Need to Know Today – April 29th

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It’s Friday!!!!!! Note the extra exclamation points, BECAUSE I LOVE FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna make the day go by quicker, so you can get on with the weekend? Well here are some things you can talk about to kill time…

Famous Birthdays:

  • Jerry Seinfeld – 62
  • Uma Thurman – 46
  • Master P – 49
  • Daniel Day-Lewis – 59


Hairball Awareness Day:

Hairball Awareness Day is a time to consider the grooming challenges of our purr-fectly aristocratic pets, and an invitation to be aware and to practice preventative measures to help kitty through this nasty process. Practice regular grooming with a pet brush to reduce the amount of ingested fur, and offer a vet-recommended diet for hairball prevention. Be aware that occasional hairballs are to be expected, but frequent hairballs could indicate a problem. (source:


Zipper Day:

From handbags and jackets to trousers and boots, it really is impossible to imagine life without zippers. They are so widespread it is easy to take them for granted. This is where Zipper Day comes along to remind us of the origin and history of this truly omnipresent invention. (source:


Today in History:

  • 2011: Britain’s Prince William weds Kate Middleton – On this day in 2011, Great Britain’s Prince William marries his longtime girlfriend Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London. Some 1,900 guests attended the ceremony, while another 1 million spectators lined the streets of London and an estimated 2 billion people around the world watched on television.

That’s it for today, have a stellar weekend!



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