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Keyano Theatre returning to family fun in 2016/17 4-play series

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Keyano Theatre returning to family fun in 2016/17 4-play series

After a season geared more towards adult humour, Keyano Theatre is turning back to a more family-friendly lineup for 2016/17.

The college announced the lineup for next season’s 4-play series, which will feature a musical and comedy touch.

Things will get started in October with the hosting of Holmes and Watson Save the Empire! The comedy-mystery-musical will serve as the touring performance of the season, featuring a professional ACE Productions cast out of Vancouver. As the title suggests, the plot follows the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as they try to stop the evil plans of Dr. Moriarty.

The local talent will begin to shine in November during a run of The Other Side of the Pole: A Family Christmas Musical. The play features two children who go on a journey to discover why Christmas has been cancelled, leading to a “heartwarming” tale of family, love, and the magic of the holidays.

February will feature the ever-popular Footloose as the third play, which follows the story of a town where dancing is forbidden until a rebellious teen shakes up the mix.

The play season wraps up in April of 2017 with the “hauntingly beautiful” Spoon River Anthology. The play is based off a series of poems written in 1915, detailing the lives of the people of a small rural town in the USA.

Season tickets are now available for the series here.

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