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Music: Endless Benefits!

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Music: Endless Benefits!

We all know who run the world… Girls.

But what run the world? Well, music of course.

Not only is music a focal point for so many vacations and trips to music festivals, concerts, and even to meet with other artists to collaborate, but it is a topic that will never go idea-less. If you’re ever on a first date and things get a bit silent… bring up your music taste.

Can you believe the amazing music we have access to today? It’s amazing how music is born from a simple idea, a thought in someone’s mind and then developed into sounds that get stuck in our heads for days and effortlessly induce emotion in every listener.


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Music is present in our best memories, and it is also present in our darkest moments. This is because music revolves around emotion. It creates a feeling, so it can also counter another.

Our relationship with music has changed over the years. Our willingness to love or appreciate more than one genre or era is stronger. When you ask someone who they like or what they like, more often you hear “everything”. This is because not only has the standard of quality music increased, but we have access to so much with ease. Today’s music is influenced by artists from so many other eras and without past music, we wouldn’t have 99.9% of the music today. Would there be a Lady Gaga without David Bowie and Queen? According to Gaga, no.


That is why the death of Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Prince (just to name a few) was and is so devastating; because without those artists, music would not only be different, but less profound. They were the pioneers for great musical moments in time that inspired other great music to be created.

Music has a dark side. But the darkness of music is what creates some of the most beautiful songs. Fleetwood Mac had some of their biggest success when they made “Rumours”, but this was also a time where they as a group were experiencing turmoil. There were break-ups, drug-use and romantic feuds but during this time, they were making amazing music that was adored by the masses, and still is.

We all know the difficult path that Michael Jackson had to take through-out his life regarding his father and brothers and then eventually drug-use, divorce, media attack and public outrage but through it all, he was undoubtedly one of the best musicians of all time and it showed through his sold out shows, platinum records and finally the world-wide sorrow when he died.

Music is an emotional driver, but it is also good for our health. Here is an infographic to show you just how awesome it can be for our well-being!


For more information behind all of these points click here.

When you’re wanting to have a good workout, don’t forget your Ipod and headphones! It’s the secret to an even better workout. When you’re creatively lacking, turn up the sound!

Start your day with music and end it with music, it’s the soundtrack to your life!

– Taylor Rey



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