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Things you need to know Today – Apr 25th

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Ahh, Mondays…so much fun, AM I RIGHT?

Well, ok…that was sarcastic, BUT – I’ve got you covered if you need a little extra push to get conversation started today!

Famous Birthdays:

  • Al Pacino – 76
  • Rene Zellwegger – 47
  • Jason Lee – 46

Hug a Plumber Day:

“Most of us take plumbing for granted – running water, hot water on demand, and the complex systems of piping that keep things ticking over for us in the background are easy to forget about it. Hug A Plumber Day encourages us to recognize the ingenuity, hard work and skills of plumbers everywhere – because who knows when you’ll spring a leak.” (source:

Today in History:

  • 1990 – Space Telescope in Orbit – The crew of the U.S. space shuttle Discovery places the Hubble Space Telescope, a long-term space-based observatory, into a low orbit around Earth. (source:
  • 1964 – Maple Leafs win 3rd Stanley cup in a row – On April 25, 1964, the Toronto Maple Leafs defeat the Detroit Red Wings, 4-0, and win the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup championship, four games to three. The victory marked the Maple Leafs’ third consecutive Stanley Cup victory. HERE’S HOPING FOR NEXT YEAR!!!…..(source:

That’s all I have for you today, go on – use these to impress people.


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