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Bylaw Services Update: April 18-24

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Photo radar is focusing on some side roads this week.

Vehicles will be posted along Wolverine Drive, Cartier Road, and Silin Forest Road. There will also be trucks along Gregoire Drive and near Highway 63 and Hospital Street.

Red light cameras are active at the usual intersections along Thickwood at Silin Forest Rd., Woodland Dr., Cornwall Dr., and Real Martin Dr. They’ll also be active at Franklin Ave. and Tamarack Village Mall, Franklin Ave. at Hospital Street, and at Confederation Way and Paquette Dr.

Bylaw Services are also reminding citizens once again that it’s pet registration month, with 2015/16 registrations having expired on March 31st. You can find information about registration fees here.

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