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With WMZs over, RMWB & contractor counting the cash

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

It’s been an expensive winter for McMurrayites.

The new Winter Maintenance Zone final tallies are in, with 3,943 tickets being handed out from October through March 25 when the last zone was active. About 64.5% of those vehicles were towed and impounded by an independent contractor.

The WMZs banned on-street parking for one day per-week in different sections of the Urban Service Area for snow-clearing purposes. Any vehicles found parked in active zones after 7 a.m. were ticketed by the municipality and towed shortly thereafter.

Residents and area drivers have been dinged for at least $803,880 in resulting parking fines, towing, and impound fees.

Over half of that money, upwards of $473,000 has gone to the municipality through the parking fines, while the rest went to the independent contractor responsible for the towing and impounding at the RMWB’s request. The total number is assuming that each vehicle was retrieved on the same day it was towed.

The municipality is now collecting public feedback on what they thought of the zones. They’ll be holding several public engagement sessions over the next few weeks, and are conducting an online survey.


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