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Mornings suck. This routine will change that.

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Mornings suck. This routine will change that.


Waking up is not the easiest thing. But unfortunately, we have to do it every. single. day.


BUT, there is a few things we can all do to put that extra PEP in our step! (other than coffee).


1. Make your bed every morning. It provides order in your life, right from the start of the day, thus getting your brain (and life) organized.

and who doesn’t love getting into a made bed every night?


2. Turn on some music (or the radio.. I heard Mix 103.7 has great music and funny announcers ) while getting ready. Music relaxes thoughts and also gets your brain moving.

The earlier you can get your brain to wake up, the easier and more productive your work day will go. Plus music in the shower is equivalent to a tropical vacation.

Spotify is awesome.



3. Get that coffee pouring! Coffee is life. Coffee is love. Coffee makes the world go ’round.


4. Stretch it out!!! Give yourself 5 minutes every morning to do some quick stretches and maybe a sit-up or two. Working out in the morning will jumpstart your heart, and get your whole body ready for the day. It will also get your metabolism moving and could lead to better health. Don’t you want to feel your entire body from morning to night?



5. Pack a healthy lunch. You don’t want to be wasting money going out (unless it’s a special day or you just want to treat yourself). I always include lemon water because after the coffee stops flowing, you’re gonna need something to keep you awake and alert. Lemon water also has a wide array of other health benefits. See them all here —>  Lemon Benefits!


6. Get pretty! Or Handsome! Look good feel good 🙂




7. Have a healthy delicious breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. But you knew that.


8. Blast that music all the way to work!

lifestyle photograph of a caucasian man driving fast down a road in a convertible

Mornings are the teller of how the rest of our day will go, so the more you do for yourself in the morning, the easier the rest of your day will be.


^^Don’t be like George. Be like Kramer. /



– Taylor Rey


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