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LEGO Builder Recreates Batcave

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

I’m totally nerding out right now.

My favourite movie of all-time is The Dark Knight Rises, so it’s no surprise I would love this LEGO Batcave setup in my house.









Dan Glasure‘s creation includes design aspects from a few versions of the Dark Knight’s well-known hideout and includes the Bat-Laboratory, Bat-Arsenal, BatComputer, and even a vault full of Kryptonite.







Very impressive.







Some say¬†Glasure’s brick count is¬†around 18,000, but the master builder tells mental_floss that estimate isn’t quite right. “I think it’s much higher than that, but I did not keep track.”

It took two months to build this ultimate Batcave.


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