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Alberta teachers facing increased workloads

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Alberta teachers facing increased workloads

Alberta teachers are working longer hours and dealing with complex new tasks on the job.

Those were among the findings of a study published on April 8th by the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Teachers’ Association, and the Alberta School Boards Association.

The Alberta Teacher Workload Study was a comprehensive assessment of teachers’ and administrators’ daily work to give the above mentioned executive bodies a clearer understanding of those positions and to guide future negotiations.

3,374 teachers, 357 administrators and 173 central office staff members participated in the year-long study, which collected data via online surveys and daily work logs completed once a week between September of 2014 and June of 2015.

Information was also collected during the summer months, July and August, to determine the amount of work teachers take on outside of the regular school year.

On average during the school year, teachers and administrators worked nearly 5o hours a week, including weekends,  adding up to roughly 2,000 hours of work outside the classroom over the course of the study.

Teachers reported that the scope of their work, greater enrolment of high-needs students, heightened pressure from parents, outdated technology and support staff cuts had all affected their productivity levels.

A majority of study participants reported high job satisfaction, however many of them reported poor work-life balance due to increased workloads and, notably, did not feel that their work was perceived as valuable by society.

To view the full results of the Alberta Teacher Workload Study, click here.



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