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Alberta Health Services CEO left post because of politics

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Alberta Health Services CEO left post because of politics

Former Alberta Health Services (AHS) CEO Vickie Kaminski resigned due to political interference.

An investigative report released by the CBC on Wednesday reveals that Kaminski experienced tension with members of the NDP government in the months leading up to her resignation.

In her letter of resignation, Kaminski stated that she was leaving because she felt that her professional reputation was at stake and that her leadership was compromised by the government’s involvement in certain AHS endeavours.

She made reference to two politicians in particular: Sarah Hoffman, Alberta’s Minister of Health and Carl Amrhein, Deputy Minister of Alberta Health.

Kaminski alleges that Amrhein communicated with her about potential changes to Alberta’s health care system without providing any supporting documentation, claiming that he did not want to leave “any e-mail trail.”

Owing to Hoffman’s position in the government, Kaminski felt that her own position was undermined on a number of occasions.

She details how the provincial government took over control of two separate negotiations between AHS and other bodies, once with the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) and again with the City of Calgary.

In both instances, Kaminski says the government prevented AHS from moving forward with plans she felt were the right ones for the province.

When she was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in 2014, Kaminski became the fifth person to take on the role at AHS in as many years.

In a press release on Wednesday afternoon Official Opposition Leader Brian Jean of the Wildrose Party called for the NDP government to release Kaminksi’s letter of resignation to the public.

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