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McMurray Metis GM: Government should look at AER the same way as AEMERA

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
McMurray Metis GM: Government should look at AER the same way as AEMERA

If the government is shaking up how things are monitored in the oilsands, why stop there?

That’s the question McMurray Metis General Manager Dan Stuckless is asking, a day after Environment Minister Shannon Phillips announced that the Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Agency was being disbanded.

“The organization just didn’t get where it needed to get, and we’re happy that the government is taking measures to address it,” Stuckless told Mix News. “We’re hoping that the NDP government looks at AER in the same way.”

The Metis leader went on to say that many of the justifications for disbanding AEMERA and having the government take over their functions can be applied to Alberta’s Energy Regulator.

AEMERA was shut down after a scathing report by Ivey School of Business’ Paul Boothe, who called the organization a “failed experiment.” He noted that the group provided duplicate functions to the government, and took away from what should be a core piece of government business. The report also described AEMERA’s relationship with government and industry as “fragmented.”

“We see the same with AER and government as well,” Stuckless said. “The credibility that organization has, the fragmentation between the government’s work… As well as the duplication of cost and what the government’s job should be.”

Stuckless said he hopes that the government considers a review of the AER in the same way AEMERA was examined.

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