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RMWB announces spring load limits on gravel roads

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
RMWB announces spring load limits on gravel roads

With the spring thaw coming, the municipality is taking steps to extend the life of the region’s gravel roads.

As of Wednesday March 30 (tomorrow), a spring load limit of 75% the legal load will come into effect for the RMWB. Roads in Anzac, Conklin, Fort McKay, and Janvier will be affected along with several others.

The RMWB says the reduced axle weights will help preserve the roads’ lifespans.

Full list of roads with load restrictions:

  • All roads in Fort McKay
  • Tower Road
  • Draper Road
  • Poplar Creek Road
  • All roads in Saprae Creek Estates
  • All roads in Anzac
  • Anzac Crossover Road from Highway 63 east to Highway 881 south
  • Stony Mountain Road south of Anzac Crossover Road
  • All roads in Gregoire Lake Estates
  • All roads in Janvier
  • All roads in Conklin
  • East/West Road (Conklin)
  • Gravel portion of Highway 63 north

Photo courtesy of the RMWB

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