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“Say Yes to the Dress” Spoiled This Woman’s Wedding Day

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Traditionalists will say seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding is bad luck.

In September, the Ali Godino visited Kleinfeld in New York and purchased a $40,000 wedding dress. Producers approached her and asked if she would appear on the show, as their scheduled bride canceled. Ali agreed, with one condition: Her episode would air only after her wedding.

Ali’s episode aired on TLC on Friday, March 25. And she wasn’t too happy about it seeing as her wedding to Jeff May isn’t until May.









She took steps to try and stop the network from showing her episode ahead of her special day.

But on Thursday, a judged denied her request for an injunction on the grounds that she should have attempted to resolve the issue when she first learned of the episode’s intended air date in mid-February.

“Many of them have had their episodes air before their wedding, and an air date is not promised or solidified at filming,” said TLC of the brides who appear on the show.

I understand why she is upset, but like Tammy said on FB: “If that seriously “ruined her wedding” she’s got a lot of learning about what is important in life ahead of her.

– Jo

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