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RMWB enforcing changes to Homeowners Safety Codes

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
RMWB enforcing changes to Homeowners Safety Codes
If you’re a homeowner looking to make some renovations or repairs, the RMWB is making things a little easier for you.
As of April 1, the municipality will be enforcing changes to the Safety Codes Permits process to comply with provincial regulations.
That means homeowners who are hiring contractors to install, add, or alter plumbing, electrical, or gas systems will no longer have to apply for the permits themselves.
The onus is being shifted to contractors, who will have to obtain the permits and request safety inspections after work is completed.
Under the old system, homeowners were responsible for both steps, and were held liable for non-compliant work. That liability also shifts to contractors.
You can find out more here.

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