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RMWB announces Executive in Residence

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

The first full time Executive in Residence is now a reality for Wood Buffalo.

The RMWB announced the appointment of Marty Bince as the area’s EIR.

Bince says the position provides business owners direct access to an experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneur who can provide a range of services to local businesses.

“If we could move the chains, if we could improve aspects of the business that eventually lead to either improvements in how they sold the top-line revenue, or some efficencies they need inside their organization. It’s always a challenge to pick, what do I do, what’s the best thing to do here, how do I improve, and how do I talk that over with somebody,” says Bince.

He says business owners need to consider a number of things including revisiting their business plan.

“What we do, what we used to do, and how we connected to our customers has changed and we’re not catching up to them. We’re not communicating to them in a way that they want to communicate, particularly on this thing I’m holding in my hand, a phone,” says Bince.

Bince says reception to his position has been good, but business owners are hesitant to reach out. He says the services the EIR offers are confidential and non-judgemental.

The position is part of the Wood Buffalo Business Accelerator program.

A link to find out more information is available here.

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