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WMZs still raking in the dough

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7


That’s how much money Fort McMurray residents have had to cough up due to the Winter Maintenance Zones so far.

The RMWB’s numbers show that over 3,000 fines have been handed out since the WMZs came into effect in November, with 66% of those fines resulting in tows/impounds.

The municipality collects the revenues from the tickets handed out, resulting in $386,040 going towards municipal programs. The rest, over $276,000, has gone to an independent third-party that handles the towing and impounding. That number is a low estimate, assuming all drivers pick up their vehicles the same day they’re towed.

The WMZs were activated on November 16th, and are slated to be active until April 15th barring a municipal decision to relax them.

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