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4th Annual Arts and Humanities Conference this weekend

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
4th Annual Arts and Humanities Conference this weekend

Are comic books considered literature?

That all depends on who you ask, but Keyano College’s Dr. Ryan Cox says that’s one of the questions for this weekend’s Arts and Humanities Conference.

Cox says the fourth annual event’s theme is Question Everything.

“What is Arts and Humanities fields of study, so, we have sessions on things like fan fiction and the questions i, is this literature, or we’re interrogating things like selfies and memes and new media, and how they’re kind of received culturally,” says Cox.

Cox says there are a number of sessions covering topics like skepticism, conspiracy theories, and censorship in children’s literature.

Cox says what he wants for his students is to learn how to think critically and attendees to the conference will get a sense of that as well.

“We’re kind of interested in questioning perceived notions, figuring out what truth is, and hopefully having fun while doing it,” says Cox.

The conference features a key note address about comics studies from Dr. Bart Beaty of the University of Calgary.

The conference is free to attend, including a lunch, although registration is required.

A link for details is here.

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