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Government sets new regulations for ride-sharing services

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Government sets new regulations for ride-sharing services
New insurance, more rigorous licensing, and a police check are in store for uber and other ride-sharing drivers in Alberta.
The provincial government unveiled their new regulations earlier today, saying the new insurance package will be made available by July 1st, essentially putting a stop to legal Uber operations until that date.
The regulations also force drivers to obtain a Class 4 license, which involves a longer driving test and training on travelling with passengers who have mobility issues.
Transportation Minister Brian Mason says the new rules are about safety.
 “What we want to do is make sure that when you get into a vehicle with somebody you’ve contacted on the internet, is that person isn’t going to hurt you,” he said.
Uber has been operating with varying degrees of legality in Edmonton and Calgary, but hasn’t made its way to Fort McMurray.

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