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By-law services update for Feb 29 – Mar 5

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
By-law services wants you to hold on to your trash while you’re driving.
The weekly update from the municipal branch is asking drivers to help keep the community clean by not tossing garbage out their vehicle windows while driving.
They also gave updates on where photo radar will be stationed, with trucks near Highway 63 and Morrison, Thickwood Blvd. and Dickins Dr., and along Eymundson Rd., MacAlpine Cres., and Prairie Loop Blvd.
Red light cameras are also active in the usual spots, along Thickwood Blvd. at Real Martin, Woodland, and Cornwall Drives as well as at Silin Forest Road, and then at Franklin and Hospital, Franklin at Tamarack Village Mall, and at Confederation Way and Paquette Dr.

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